Who Can Enroll?

    Anybody from age 16 and above.

    LEVEL1 & LEVEL II Teacher’s Training Course needs to be completed to enroll for this course.

    Course starts in Mid March and Mid September. Course can be completed within 3 months – 1 year.

    Duration: – 88 Hrs

    • 60 Hrs of Personal Training – (Students would be trained in a group of only teachers training course – maximum 10 in a batch).
    • 14 hrs of teaching students of LEVELI Teachers Training.
    • 14 hrs of teaching students of LEVELII Teachers Training.
    • 7 day health camp to LMYC’s Mother Yoga Institute, India (This is optional). – Travel expense has to be borne by the students. Lodging and Boarding will be sponsored by LMYC.

    Course Details

    • Balancing Asanas
    • Advance Postures
    • Advanced Pranayamas
    • Anatomy & Yoga Sutra
    • Yog Mudra and Yoni mudra
    • Kriyas (purification processes)
    • Concentration exercises to maintain quieter and clearer mental state
    • Understanding the science of mind
    • Shat Karmas
    • Understanding and training the senses through special techniques
    • Learning and self practice of Asanas
    • Meditation techniques
    • Deep relaxation technique- Yoga Nidra
    • Self awareness for developing a balanced personality
    • Self awareness meditation.
    • Various workshops in India related to Health Management

    Day & Time

    In Hongkong-

    • Monday to Friday any 2 sessions of 1-2 hours each between 10 am – 6pm as per the time convenient to the majority.
    • Saturday – 10:30 am – 1:00 pm or 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm (as per group convenience.)
    • If needed 3-4 hrs on Sundays or some Public Holidays may be utilized to complete the course.


    HK$ 8,888.

    Enroll for LEVEL1, LEVEL2 & Level3 Together and get nearly 30% Discount

    Actual Price – HK$ 26,664   Offer Price – HK$18,888.

    Entire amount can be paid at the time of Registration OR 50% at the time of registration and balance 50% within 30 days of joining.

    Course starts in Mid March and Mid September. Course can be completed within 3 months – 1 year.

    It has been a continuous effort from LMYC to impart Yoga Training at a low and affordable cost.
    Hence LMYC would like to offer two LEARN & EARN alternatives to students who would like to Enroll for the Teachers Training Course .Please refer to LEARN & EARN.

    Certification Details

    • Some notes would be provided in electronic format. Own notes needs to be made.
    • Weekly assignments in written format need to be submitted showing understanding of what is taught in the class.
    • Students have to also appear for written/oral examinations on all learning’s.
    • Participants are required to practice Karma Yoga for 8 hours.
    • Participants need to teach to students of LEVEL I Teachers Training, 3 lesson plans on Philosophy along with Hath Yoga.
    • Participants will also be required to lead the class after training to qualify for certification.
    • Upon successful completion of the training a certificate issued by LMYC will be awarded.

    After completion of this LEVEL one can:-

  • Do a certificate course of 4 hours on the following (Charges HK$1000 for each course ):-
  • Leading Teachers Training Course
    Yoga for Pregnancy – Pre & Post Natal.
    Yoga for Orthopedic Problems.
    Healing & Counselling


    In India –

    Workshops on various topics for 8 hours each. Some of the topics are as below:-

     Cardiac Hypertension  1 Day
     Respiratory  1 Day
     Orthopedic  1 Day

     Pregnancy, Anti & Post Natal

     2 Day
     Weight Management  1 Day
  • Enroll for ONGOING TEACHERS RE-UNION PROGRAM.Every Alternate Saturday of the month 4:30 pm- 6:30 pm. – Update , learn and share.
  • A special Training Refund Program is available for LMYC trained teachers who return to conduct classes at LMYC with paid honorariums.

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