Corporate  Seminars

An employee, continuously facing long working hours, apprehensive deadlines and cut throat competition, many times aligned with unhealthy relationships and improper nutrition, becomes a victim of stress. Cases of spondylitis, hypertension, insomnia, fatigue, nausea, chronic headache, back pain, computer-related syndromes and dry eyes are being reported amongst the Corporate World.

Days & Time:

According to prior appointment. At your venue or at LMYC


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The powerful techniques of Yoga like asanas and pranayamas will guide the employees to correct wrong postural habits and lower the adverse effects caused by work environment i.e. constant use of computers, etc, thereby reducing physical ailments.

Yogic methods for relaxation and stress management help to reduce physical and emotional stress, thus transforming them into more healthy, emotionally balanced and energetic individuals





1- 5 persons – $1000 6- 10 persons- $1500 10-20 persons- $1800

10% Discount – 10 sessions 20% Discount – 20 sessions

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